Housebound on the Great Slave Lake – Postcard Monday

2014-12-01 Yellowknife 3As winter sports lovers rejoice in these neck of the woods, I present to you an icy cold postcard all the way from Yellowknife, NT, Canada. This postcard sent to me by a friend working in Yellowknife features House Boats Frozen in Ice by Jason Simpson

It features houseboats on the Great Slave Lake. My friend tells me that in the winter, residents can drive up to their house over the 5-6 feet thick ice and in the summer, residents can travel by canoe. However, if you’re in your house during the initial “freeze” when the ice is too thin, then you’re housebound! Check it out:

2014-12-01 Yellowknife 1

Happy Monday and happy first of December everyone!


4 thoughts on “Housebound on the Great Slave Lake – Postcard Monday

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my work with your viewer. I hope you try to make it up here sometime for our amazing winter and the free light shows at night, this place has a lot to offer and enjoy.

    Jason Simpson


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