Striving for Peace – Postcard Monday

2014-12-15 Peace 3

2014-12-15 Peace 1

As another year comes to an end and a new year approaches, many people are thinking about how they can give back and do good. At this time of year, songs of peace and love permeate the media but peace often feels like an unattainable goal. Yet, every week, I am impressed but acts of kindness, both small and large. My work involves working with children of all different abilities and I am always amazed by each person’s innate resilience; in these children and their families, I see that we are always striving to find peace and doing so, we make the world around us just a little better. So from now on, instead of wishing or hoping for peace, I will strive for peace. Striving for peace likely looks different for everyone: it could be through small every day acts of kindness, supporting peace making  and peace keeping activities, or learning to and helping others see the world from a different perspective. As a new year approaches, let us strive for peace.


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