Traveling in the age of the internet: good or bad? – Postcard Monday

2014-12-22 23.42.15

Every so often, I pause in amazement at the technology we have available at our fingertips. It really is like magic. Within the technology lying in the palm of one hand, you can talk face to face with someone 12 hours ahead of you, find thousands of answers to “why?”, you can even find your way home. I wonder how our easy access to an ever-growing expanse of knowledge has affected the way we travel.

We used to travel armed with a guide-book, some maps, and discover local favourites through word of mouth. Today, I can spend hundreds of hours pouring over reviews before deciding where to go and what to do. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the balance between being prepared and leaving things open to let the magic of traveling lead the way. Personally, no matter how much I prepare, something unexpected always happens when I travel and it is usually those unexpected moments that are ultimately cherished the most. 2014-12-22 23.42.44

This week’s postcard from a good friend and fellow Harry Potter fan reminds me that the real world can be just as astounding as fiction. As a side note, I also recently visited Harry Potter World and think I might have overdone it a little on research prior to going.

So the lesson? The internet and our easy access to technology can be a great resource even for the seasoned traveler – sometimes especially for the seasoned traveler – and while some may fear there is little left to authentically explore for oneself, the great thing about traveling is that with an open, respectful mind, beautiful unexpected things always happen.

What do you think? Technology, internet, and travel – good or bad?


2 thoughts on “Traveling in the age of the internet: good or bad? – Postcard Monday

  1. I sometimes find websites like yelp or tripadvisor offer conflicting advice: There will be as many reviews raving about a restaurant/tourist spot as there are bombs. What resources do you consult?


    • While the internet is useful, I agree that it can feel like a hit or miss. I think it’s because we all have different tastes. My best sources of information are like-minded travelers – through word of mouth. It’s why I write this blog, to find like-minded travelers and so that they can find me 🙂

      If I really have to rely on an internet search, let’s say, to find a good restaurant. I often use sites such as tripadvisor or urbanspoon and look at the ratio of positive verses negative comments. If there are too many negative comments (and my threshold is pretty low), then it goes on the “no thanks” list regardless of what the positive comments say – as a general rule of course – there are always exceptions.

      Do you have a travel destination in mind? I could ask around for you 🙂


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