Adventures in Iceland – Meet Jenn!

February marks TheTravelingUrbanite’s 6 month anniversary! To celebrate, I’ve enlisted 4 awesome world travelers to tell us about their adventures in Iceland. The piece will be posted on February 18th but until then, I wanted to introduce our travelers to you. So here goes – first, let’s meet Jenn! (Update: Read the whole interview here)

Jenn is energetic and family portraitfunny and recently traveled to Iceland with her husband, Paul, and their lovely 2-year-old daughter, Lilah. They wanted to go somewhere within a 5 hour flight range (it’s not always easy traveling with a toddler!) and ultimately chose the cooler shores of Iceland over Vancouver.

Come back later this month (February 18th!) to check out Jenn, Paul, and Lilah’s trip to Iceland – including eating at a restaurant that was closed! Find out whether Iceland is a good place to bring a toddler (spoiler:it is!)



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