Adventures in Iceland – Meet Eileen and Steph!

February marks TheTravelingUrbanite’s 6 month anniversary! To celebrate, I’ve enlisted 4 awesome world travelers to tell us about their adventures in Iceland. The piece will be posted on February 18th. (Update: Read the whole interview here)

Yesterday we met Jenn, today I introduce Eileen and Steph! Remember my post about the Icelandair vomit bag? Well I would have never come across such an informative air-sickness bag if these two ladies had not flown to Iceland. Introducing Eileen and Steph!

Eileen and Steph are colleagues and experienced world travelers. They’ve boEileen and Stephth worked as volunteer pediatricians in South America and came up with the idea of going to Iceland when Steph texted Eileen about a promotional discount flight to Reykjavik in the midst of studying for their Royal College exam. Spontaneity and the travel bug got the better of them and they left for Reykjavik right after their exam – which they both aced of course. They were joined by two other friends to make one fantastic all girls traveling band.

Come back February 18th to hear about Steph and Eileen’s girls’ trip in Iceland and to see some of their amazing pictures of Iceland’s beauty and the Northern Lights. Here’s a sneak peek:

Photo by Stephanie

Photo by Stephanie


Black sand beaches of Vík. Photo by Eileen

Black sand beaches of Vík. Photo by Eileen


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