Check out the Canada Day (eve) fireworks – things to do in Toronto

So yesterday I told you about strawberry picking, today, I’m continuing the trend on fun things to do in Toronto. While this one doesn’t seem so exotic, I would suggest checking out the Canada Day fireworks in Toronto. They take place at the Harbourfront and the great thing is that they actually happen on June 30th, Canada Day eve so everyone can stay out late and enjoy them. I’ve seen a lot of Canada Day fireworks (and a lot of fireworks in general thanks to Montreal’s annual fireworks festival) and Toronto’s is definitely among the more impressive. So if you’re in Toronto, and you’ve got July 1st off, why not go soak up some Canadian pride on June 30th?


  1. Get to the Harbourfront a little early and if you have a big group, plan to stick together or find a very specific meeting spot. It gets very crowded.
  2. Remember that the fireworks take place June 30th, not July 1st, which is when Canada Day officially starts.
  3. To get to the Harbourfront, take the TTC to Union Station then walk south towards the waterfront or you can take a street care one stop south from Union Station which will take you to the Ferry docks.
Toronto's annual Canada Day eve fireworks.

Toronto’s annual Canada Day eve fireworks.




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