BuskerFest and 5 seconds of billboard fame – things to do in Toronto

I spent a great afternoon today at BuskerFest. I love a good street festival but BuskerFests are a special breed of street festivities. They remind me of childhood weekends spent in Montreal’s old port. If you’re lucky, you can attend an intimate magic show and an acrobatic spectacular all in one day. Perhaps one of the best parts is that you pay what you can – $1, $5, $100 – it’s up to you!

Toronto’s BuskerFest 2015 opened today and continues to August 30th 2015. Check it out if you have the chance. There is plenty of street eats, artists from around the world, and you’ll be supporting Epilepsy Toronto. Plus, how often does Yonge street (which was mistakenly thought as the longest street in the world until 1999) close for your pedestrian enjoyment?

Commuting by transit is probably your best bet but if you’re driving, the Eaton Centre parking remains open from both the Yonge and Bay street entrances.

Also, don’t forget to bring lots of change to support all the great artists whose work you’ll be enjoying!

Here’s a sample of what you might find at BuskerFest TO 2015:


Close Act – Saurus



Nathaniel Rankin


Witty Look

Bonus: if you tweet your post with #SamsungBusker, it’ll appear on the the Samsung billboard screen in Dundas square and a $1 will be donated to Epilepsy Toronto. 5 seconds of fame for a good cause? Why not! I was super excited to see my tweet up on the screen 🙂


Have fun travelers!


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