Answer Revealed! – The perilous ear-touching cliff – Postcard Monday

Happy Monday! So did you recognize this famous mountain?

2015-12-28 14.23.41

This is Hua Shan (or Mount Hua) in Shaanxi province, China. For those who recognized it, the name is indeed written on the gate at the base of the mountain. This famous landmark has five peaks with highest one towering at over 2,150 meters. With a number of temples on its slopes, it is a popular hiking destination but the popular ascent to the peaks to catch the sunrise is a long and potentially dangerous one so do your research; One path on the to way the Northern Peak is even called the “ear-touching cliff” because visitors need to literally press an ear into the cliff to stay on because it is so narrow! I’ve linked a video below to show you what they mean. I like a good adventure but I might consider the cable car option on this one 🙂


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