Lighthouse Park – an exploration of shapes and textures

I’m continuing my exploration of the beautiful hiking trails easily accessible from Vancouver. Today I went to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. With its dense forest, steep cliffs, and shoreline trails, it’s no wonder many photographers hit these trails to capture that perfect view.


An early morning photographer watches a jet boat go by

Light house park is a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and accessible by public transit. Although, visitors be warned, the Lion’s Gate Bridge gets very busy and you can easily be stuck there for an hour if you go at rush hour so I would suggest heading out for an early morning hike and skip the traffic. I was at the park for opening at 6:30 am this morning and it was wonderful pretending to have it all to myself.


Catching the early morning light

There are a number of trails you can take and while it is mostly an easy hike, there is some uneven and steep terrain so it’s not a flip-flop wearing kind of hike (I’m always impressed by the flip-flop hikers). You can find the trail map here. I took Valley Trail down to the lighthouse then the Shore Pine trail back to the trail head which took 1.5 hours at a fairly leisurely pace. There are also a number of great lookouts that would make perfect picnic stops some of which are not marked on the trail map making them a nice surprise when you find them (there are clearly marked trails leading to these lookouts so you don’t have to wander off the trails in search of them).


I imagine Lighthouse Park is also a great place for bird watching. In the stillness of the morning, the forest was filled with the sounds of woodpeckers and song birds. Even my untrained bird watching eyes spotted a number of birds.

Getting their geese in a row

Getting their geese in a row

Since I had the trails all to myself today, I did a little exploration of shapes and textures in the morning light. Pictures are below. If you’re interested in getting a copy or a higher resolution version, feel free to get in touch with me. Enjoy!


  • Park information and trail map
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate due to uneven terrain and some steep terrain
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Camping: No
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Transit: #250 bus from downtown; 30 minute drive without traffic
  • Parking: Free parking available at trail heads


Looking for other easy walks and hikes near Vancouver?


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