Osár Hostel and the best hostel shower I’ve ever had – Iceland Road Trip Day 1

After a long day’s drive covering over 500 km through the Snæsfellsnes Peninsula, we arrive at Osár Hostel in Osár.

Google Map Day 1


After an amazing day in the Snæsfellsnes Peninsula we continued onward to Osár near the 711 road and stayed at the cute Osár hostel with a view of the black sand beach across the road.

2015-05-29 21.19.53

After getting a quick bite to eat, we head to the shore and spent an hour watching the seals and birds. The hostel feels out of the way but ended up being a great location for enjoying wildlife.

P.S. The second floor shower at Osár Hostel is one of the best hostel or hotel shower I’ve ever had. Hot and strong, a perfect end to a long day. I’d recommend the hostel for the shower alone.





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