Puffins, Jökulsárlón, Langoustine, and Svínafellsjökull – Iceland Road Trip Day 6

What a day! We headed out of Seyðisfjorður with plans to go to Höfn but decided to take a right at the intersection to Egilsstaðir to head to Borgarfjörður instead. Since we didn’t make it to Skalanes to see the puffins, we thought we’d try our luck in Borgarfjörður. So another windy, snow-squalled trip filled later, we arrived.

When we got the viewing platform about 5km from the edge of town, we thought we might be in for disappointment as there were initially only gulls. But a short walk up the stairs to the second set of platforms and there they were, Atlantic puffins! They are adorable so it’s no wonder they are so popular.



This is the odd little vending machine hut on the road from Egilsstaðir to Borgarfjörður. We didn’t have any chance and honestly didn’t want to wait 10 minutes to start the machine to buy a cold drink in this weather but it was a fun little road side stop in ”the middle of nowhere”.


For lunch we headed off to Höfn and actually got there at 4:00, later than planned but the puffin trip was worth it. We stopped at Kaffi Hornið and shared a plate of grilled locally caught langoustine. They are closer in taste to shrimps but I definitely taste the ocean freshness. It was a really nice afternoon treat.


On the road we encountered a few reindeer friends!


After Höfn, we headed off to Jökulsárlón. What a surprise when we got there. It appears out of nowhere. In the blink of an eye, you’re driving towards a glacier filled lagoon. It’s hypnotic, mesmerizing. We spent quite a bit of time just watching the icebergs float around; if it weren’t for the cold, I could have easily lost track of time there. We also spotted more arctic terns and watched as they did their ”death-dive” to catch fish. We weren’t charged by any terns today so it was a good day. We actually hid behind a hill so I could take pictures as they flew over. There were also seals swimming in the lagoon.





We arrived at Hotel Höf at around 8:00pm.


The Suzuki had quite a day.


We then took at walk at Svínafellsjökull, just south-east of the famous Skaftafelljökull. There was another car parked there but we seemed to be the only one there. You only have to walk a couple of meters to see the glacier and a short hike up gives you an amazing view of the glacier and a glimpse at Vatnajökull. It was kind of eerie walking up the glacier late in the evening with no one else there; the sharp mountain cliff of one side and a gigantic glacier on the other. We saw the short bridge that leads onto the glacier – a glacier walk would be quite the adventure! Maybe next time, and certainly with an experienced guide. Glacier hiking is a dangerous activity.


With its landscape full of sharp cliffs, rolling fjords, large boulders, mossy grassy fields, and a never ending ebb and flow of fog, it´s no wonder there’s a lot of magical stories in Iceland. I wonder if I’ll meet a troll just around the corner.

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