One last day in Iceland – Reykjavík – Iceland Road Trip Day 8

Final day in Iceland and a day to explore Reykjavík. We started our day visiting the famous Hallgrímskirja. It was of course distinctive from the outside but I found the inside quite beautiful as well. It had the same graceful simplicity we had seen throughout much of the architecture and interior design of Iceland. There was also a beautiful organ at the back wall. Wish we could have been there for a concert – it would have been so interesting to hear the acoustics.

2015-06-05 09.10.45

2015-06-05 09.23.49

Since nothing was open until 10:00 and we were done our visit by 9:30, we decided to go the Reykjavík art museum. They had a 2 great exhibitions of modern paintings from Icelandic artists. Mostly abstract; a few quirky portraits, and some very odd modern art that I did not understand. They also had a drawing room visitors could use which I thought was a great idea. The architecture again was understated in the most beautiful way.

Afterwards we went on the hunt for some art of our own down Skólarvörðustigúr. It a busy downtown streets lined with art galleries and workshops as well as the requisite tourist souvernir shops. Part of the street of closed to pedestrians which was nice – even in our few hours in Reykjavík, we learnt that both pedestrians and cars alike have to be a little aggressive to get around. The perks of a metropolitan city!

2015-06-05 09.07.48

2015-06-05 10.59.50

We took a break from browsing around 11:30 and popped into Bergsson Mathús for lunch. Lots of local people were lining up at this hip restaurant with a focus of local produce. Their menu is simple but the food fresh and delicious. We had a vegetarian soup with bread and hummus and Ling fish with sides of salad and couscous.

2015-06-05 11.52.33

2015-06-05 11.52.48

We also spent a little time visiting the opera house or Harpa and then it was time to head back to Iceland! We took advantage of the duty-free store to stock up on Icelandic chocolate and then we were ready go. What an incredibly memorable trip. I will definitely be back! There’s so many beautiful places I have yet to see in Iceland. I’d love to come back in winter, or camp around Iceland in the summer. I’m sure there’s many more magical tales too I have yet to hear. I can’t wait.

Iceland Map

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