BuskerFest and 5 seconds of billboard fame – things to do in Toronto

I spent a great afternoon today at BuskerFest. I love a good street festival but BuskerFests are a special breed of street festivities. They remind me of childhood weekends spent in Montreal’s old port. If you’re lucky, you can attend an intimate magic show and an acrobatic spectacular all in one day. Perhaps one of the best parts is that you pay what you can – $1, $5, $100 – it’s up to you!

Toronto’s BuskerFest 2015 opened today and continues to August 30th 2015. Check it out if you have the chance. There is plenty of street eats, artists from around the world, and you’ll be supporting Epilepsy Toronto. Plus, how often does Yonge street (which was mistakenly thought as the longest street in the world until 1999) close for your pedestrian enjoyment?

Commuting by transit is probably your best bet but if you’re driving, the Eaton Centre parking remains open from both the Yonge and Bay street entrances.

Also, don’t forget to bring lots of change to support all the great artists whose work you’ll be enjoying!

Here’s a sample of what you might find at BuskerFest TO 2015:


Close Act – Saurus



Nathaniel Rankin


Witty Look

Bonus: if you tweet your post with #SamsungBusker, it’ll appear on the the Samsung billboard screen in Dundas square and a $1 will be donated to Epilepsy Toronto. 5 seconds of fame for a good cause? Why not! I was super excited to see my tweet up on the screen 🙂


Have fun travelers!


Ill-Abilities at Panamania – a great show to check out

2015-07-15 20.41.59

It’s summer and I’m really making an effort to enjoy the city and try to share some of my favourite sites with you! The Pan-Am games are in town and along with being able to witness great athletic accomplishments, there’s lots to do as part of the Pan Am festivities.

Fellow blogger at MyTorontoLife recently had a great summary of the events happening at Pan Am – check it out here. However, as many of the big-ticket events are already sold out or will be very crowded, I’d like to suggest an event that still has great seats available. Continue reading

Check out the Canada Day (eve) fireworks – things to do in Toronto

So yesterday I told you about strawberry picking, today, I’m continuing the trend on fun things to do in Toronto. While this one doesn’t seem so exotic, I would suggest checking out the Canada Day fireworks in Toronto. They take place at the Harbourfront and the great thing is that they actually happen on June 30th, Canada Day eve so everyone can stay out late and enjoy them. I’ve seen a lot of Canada Day fireworks (and a lot of fireworks in general thanks to Montreal’s annual fireworks festival) and Toronto’s is definitely among the more impressive. So if you’re in Toronto, and you’ve got July 1st off, why not go soak up some Canadian pride on June 30th?


  1. Get to the Harbourfront a little early and if you have a big group, plan to stick together or find a very specific meeting spot. It gets very crowded.
  2. Remember that the fireworks take place June 30th, not July 1st, which is when Canada Day officially starts.
  3. To get to the Harbourfront, take the TTC to Union Station then walk south towards the waterfront or you can take a street care one stop south from Union Station which will take you to the Ferry docks.
Toronto's annual Canada Day eve fireworks.

Toronto’s annual Canada Day eve fireworks.



Take the kids (and adults) strawberry picking – things to do in Toronto

2015-06-27 12.42.35I’ve now lived in Toronto for 2 years and I realized that I never post about the fun things travelers can do here! So to celebrate the start of summer, I’m going to post about some of my favourite things to do in and around Toronto that may not be on the typical traveler’s radar. If you’ve already done the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, Casa Loma, and the like, or just want to do something a little different, I’ve got some ideas for you. Fellow Torontonians can partake as well! Continue reading

The Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake – Postcard Monday Guest Post

Prince of Wales Hotel - Niagara on the Lake

Happy Monday! This week we have a guest post for postcard Monday, hope you enjoy it. If you’re interested in writing for Postcard Monday, let me know here. This postcard is from Niagara on the Lake and if you’re ever in the area or visiting Niagara Falls, I highly recommend a stop in this lovely town. Perhaps you can even stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel, see one of the plays at the Shaw Festival, and visit one of the many vineyards in the area. Here is what our anonymous traveler had to say about this postcard:

I’d like to share this postcard I got from a close friend, sent from the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake. Niagara on the Lake is a quaint and picturesque town just a little ways away from the Falls themselves. As it’s gotten more popular over the years, it’s become increasingly touristy — still a lovely place to visit, but the real estate isn’t cheap! The Prince of Wales hotel is a vintage, meandering building, one of the landmarks of the historic main street of the town. Tourists and horses alike congregate here, making it a real hub! It’s unclear if the Prince of Wales has stayed there within the last century.

TheTravelingUrbanite: Thanks for the postcard submission! Looking forward to more in the future!

Where art intersects nature and the importance of word of mouth – The Haliburton Sculpture Forest

Guardians of the Forest by Brett Davis

Guardians of the Forest by Brett Davis

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a couple outdoor sculpture museums in the recent past. As with many good travel tips, I learnt about most of them through word of mouth. Most recently, I was doing some work just outside of Haliburton (Ontario, Canada), and was told there was a lovely sculpture forest in town so I went for an impromptu visit on my way home.

Continue reading