Roadtrip – One week in Iceland!

I drove around magical Iceland in one week and it was an incredible 2000+ kilometers. I only wish it was longer but I’ll certainly be back. Here are the links to the full trip:

Happy Travels!

Have you road tripped around Iceland? Tell us about it below 🙂




One last day in Iceland – Reykjavík – Iceland Road Trip Day 8

Final day in Iceland and a day to explore Reykjavík. We started our day visiting the famous Hallgrímskirja. It was of course distinctive from the outside but I found the inside quite beautiful as well. It had the same graceful simplicity we had seen throughout much of the architecture and interior design of Iceland. There was also a beautiful organ at the back wall. Wish we could have been there for a concert – it would have been so interesting to hear the acoustics.

2015-06-05 09.10.45

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Puffins, Jökulsárlón, Langoustine, and Svínafellsjökull – Iceland Road Trip Day 6

What a day! We headed out of Seyðisfjorður with plans to go to Höfn but decided to take a right at the intersection to Egilsstaðir to head to Borgarfjörður instead. Since we didn’t make it to Skalanes to see the puffins, we thought we’d try our luck in Borgarfjörður. So another windy, snow-squalled trip filled later, we arrived.
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Young family? Girls trip? Outdoor enthusiast? – Iceland has something for everyone

Photo by Eileen

I returned from Iceland a couple of months ago and am looking forward to sharing more of my adventures there with you! In the meantime, here’s what Jenn, Eileen, Sangeeta, and Steph had to say. I had initially posted this on a page but it’s much easier to share with you as a blog post 🙂

Recently, I invited world travelers Jenn, Eileen, Sangeeta, and Steph to share their individual experiences traveling in Iceland. They all had different traveling styles – traveling with a young family, all girls trip, great Icelandic camping adventure; their one unifying factor – they are awesome people. They are also all respectful travelers who really know how to make the most of an overseas adventure. Continue reading

4 out of 4 travelers agree: wear layers in Iceland!

It’s finally here! Last week you met our intrepid travelers Jenn, Eileen, Steph, and Sangeeta. Now check out what they have to say about Iceland including how to get around, where to stay, and what not to miss. 

Let the beauty of Iceland take you away! (Psst, if you haven’t already clicked on “Iceland,”click here or click Steph’s lovely photograph below.)

Photo by Stephanie

Photo by Stephanie