San Diego on a Shoestring – A One Day Highlight Tour and 4 Tacos for $19

If you like to travel and you travel lots, you likely travel with a budget in mind. That being said, I also try to refrain from letting my budget restrict me from truly enjoying a city. Fortunately, San Diego is a great city for budget conscious explorers. First of all, the weather is great almost every day of the year (although I was surprised to learn from locals that September, when I was there, is the hottest month). Secondly, there are lots of great things to do for free. I didn’t set out to travel on a shoestring but all the things I wanted to do in San Diego turned out to be really affordable!

Here’s how to spend a fantastic day in San Diego and really get a feel of the city on a $20 budget. Your best bet for this itinerary would be to visit on a Sunday or a Tuesday. Continue reading