Good morning Alcatraz – Running across the Golden Gate Bridge

A view of Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge

A view of Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge

During my visit to San Francisco, I went for an early morning run across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a fun way to visit the famous landmark and ended up being one of my favourite activities in San Francisco. It can be windy on the bridge but it’s a quick run (1.7 mile or 2.7 km one way). It’s a longer trip if you want to also visit Sausalito. Also, if you want to learn a lesson from my experience, check the ferry times back to San Francisco if you plan to take the ferry (but no worries if you forget, there is also a bus that takes you back to San Francisco). See more from my trip on San Francisco – “Tourist! No Leaning!”. More pictures from the run below. Continue reading


San Francisco – Belden Place, Sauce, and a Bowl of Bacon?

You’re in downtown San Francisco and looking for a place to eat? Would you order a bowl of bacon?

I would recommend checking out Belden Place. This hidden alleyway is lined with a few restaurants with character and outdoor patios. I think I would venture as far as to say that at Sauce, I had the best salmon I’ve ever had (and I’ve eaten all types of salmon in all forms): light and crispy on the outside, translucent on the inside, melts like butter in your mouth (so good!). I also had the portobello mushroom fries and tomato soup accompanied by cheesy, soul-warming bread. The waitstaff were great too.

Bowl of Bacon

You can even order a bowl of bacon as a side dish – let me know if you ever order it, I’m sure it’s amazing. There were also a number of people who came by just to order doughnuts and coffee, if only I wasn’t already so full! Next time!

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San Francisco – “Tourist! No leaning!”

In July, I was lucky enough to be invited on a one week trip to San Francisco and Yosemite. It was the perfect combination of urban exploration and natural beauty. There is so much to do in San Francisco that you can’t even begin to pack it all into two days. We made the most of our 2 full days in San Francisco and I don’t think it could have worked out better. Continue reading