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Postcard Monday will be going on hiatus as I work on a few other projects – there’s a lot I want to share with you. I’ve posted a video today of my first few weeks in Vancouver from when I moved here at the end of summer last year. Let me know what you think!




Vancouver: Uncovering the Secrets of a New Home

I moved to Vancouver in late summer last year. New places can be exciting and isolating as you find your pace in the rhythm of a new city. However, if you keep your heart open, even just a little, the secrets that make a city great slowly reveal themselves.

This short video captures those first few weeks of discovery, the first few weeks of finding myself within a new home. The music played by pianist Sanaz Sotoudeh was recorded at the public concert at the Vancouver Facade Fest 2015.

Hope you enjoy TheTravelingUrbanite.com’s first video!

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Thoughtful Gifts for the Travelers on your List – A Budget Conscious Guide

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I debated for a while whether to write this post. Two years ago, my new year’s resolution was to not buy any new clothes for a year – it wasn’t hard to do in the end. Like many habits, once you get going, it gets easier to continue and once I stopped buying new clothes, the mentality of “do I really need this?” transpired to everything else. I’m also conscious of the fact that I’m lucky to have more than I need. However, the holiday is coming around and some of you might be looking for some gift ideas for the world travelers or weekend vacationers in your life. So while I’m not a proponent of consumerism, here is my list of tried and true gifts and essentials for the travelers in your life. There’s nothing fancy, high-tech, or overly expensive; just thoughtful things my travel buddies have used to inspire us or make our travels a little better. (Image Source) Continue reading

Chocolate induced travel dreams? Yes please!

JACEK - TraditionsI first discovered JACEK Chocolates 3 years ago when I was living in Edmonton. At the time, cocaonista Jacqueline Jacek was selling the chocolates herself at the Strathcona’s Farmers Market. Jacqueline is certainly very talented when it comes to finding unique, rich, and well-balanced flavours; she’s socially conscious and friendly to boot! However, JACEK’s most recent Traditions collection tops the chocolate cake for me! 6 different chocolates inspired by 6 countries: Italy, Austria, India, Mexico, France, and Germany. After my first bite, I couldn’t help but proclaim, ”it tastes like India!” Continue reading

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