Roadtrip – One week in Iceland!

I drove around magical Iceland in one week and it was an incredible 2000+ kilometers. I only wish it was longer but I’ll certainly be back. Here are the links to the full trip:

Happy Travels!

Have you road tripped around Iceland? Tell us about it below 🙂




Thoughtful Gifts for the Travelers on your List – A Budget Conscious Guide

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I debated for a while whether to write this post. Two years ago, my new year’s resolution was to not buy any new clothes for a year – it wasn’t hard to do in the end. Like many habits, once you get going, it gets easier to continue and once I stopped buying new clothes, the mentality of “do I really need this?” transpired to everything else. I’m also conscious of the fact that I’m lucky to have more than I need. However, the holiday is coming around and some of you might be looking for some gift ideas for the world travelers or weekend vacationers in your life. So while I’m not a proponent of consumerism, here is my list of tried and true gifts and essentials for the travelers in your life. There’s nothing fancy, high-tech, or overly expensive; just thoughtful things my travel buddies have used to inspire us or make our travels a little better. (Image Source) Continue reading

Desert Travel Tips for Hikers and Visitors – 4 Indispensable Lessons from Palm Springs

Joshua Tree National Park - Hidden Valley Trail

I recently spent a few wonderful hot desert days in Palm Springs (check out my post: Palm Springs – A Sunny Hiking Destination). Having been through what felt like a particularly long Canadian winter, summer heat sounded wonderful. I also learnt a few lessons from my most recent travels (which included fleeing a swarm of bees by car) and gained some helpful local tips and advice. Desert travelers, take heed! Continue reading