San Francisco – Belden Place, Sauce, and a Bowl of Bacon?

You’re in downtown San Francisco and looking for a place to eat? Would you order a bowl of bacon?

I would recommend checking out Belden Place. This hidden alleyway is lined with a few restaurants with character and outdoor patios. I think I would venture as far as to say that at Sauce, I had the best salmon I’ve ever had (and I’ve eaten all types of salmon in all forms): light and crispy on the outside, translucent on the inside, melts like butter in your mouth (so good!). I also had the portobello mushroom fries and tomato soup accompanied by cheesy, soul-warming bread. The waitstaff were great too.

Bowl of Bacon

You can even order a bowl of bacon as a side dish – let me know if you ever order it, I’m sure it’s amazing. There were also a number of people who came by just to order doughnuts and coffee, if only I wasn’t already so full! Next time!

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