Krafla, Námafjall Hverir, Detifoss, Seyðisfjörður, searching for puffins, and surviving an arctic tern attack – Iceland Road Trip Day 5

We said our goodbyes to couch surfing host and his German guests in the morning and headed off pass Mývatn and on to Krafla. The houses were dusted with snow in the morning. During the day, rain turned to snow, and snow turned to blistering icy pellets.


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Goðafoss and Mývatn – Into the Fiery North – Iceland Road Trip Day 3

Day 3 was our big Mývatn day. First we stopped at goðafoss where the legend tells of a pagan priest, Thorgeir, who threw his pagan idols into the waterfall when he decided that his people should adopt Christianity. From there we headed to Mývatn up the west coast of the lake.


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