One last day in Iceland – Reykjavík – Iceland Road Trip Day 8

Final day in Iceland and a day to explore Reykjavík. We started our day visiting the famous Hallgrímskirja. It was of course distinctive from the outside but I found the inside quite beautiful as well. It had the same graceful simplicity we had seen throughout much of the architecture and interior design of Iceland. There was also a beautiful organ at the back wall. Wish we could have been there for a concert – it would have been so interesting to hear the acoustics.

2015-06-05 09.10.45

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Young family? Girls trip? Outdoor enthusiast? – Iceland has something for everyone

Photo by Eileen

I returned from Iceland a couple of months ago and am looking forward to sharing more of my adventures there with you! In the meantime, here’s what Jenn, Eileen, Sangeeta, and Steph had to say. I had initially posted this on a page but it’s much easier to share with you as a blog post 🙂

Recently, I invited world travelers Jenn, Eileen, Sangeeta, and Steph to share their individual experiences traveling in Iceland. They all had different traveling styles – traveling with a young family, all girls trip, great Icelandic camping adventure; their one unifying factor – they are awesome people. They are also all respectful travelers who really know how to make the most of an overseas adventure. Continue reading